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Near Field Optics for Nanotechnology

Network Short Title: NanoSnom

Contract Number ERBFMRXCT98-0242

Enrico Fermi Summerschool in Varenna on Nanotechnology

Welcome to the Home page of the TMR-Network NanoSNOM. The goal of this network is the improvement of ultra high resolution optical microscopy. One of possibility to extend the resolution of optical microscopes is to use point by point imaging by an ultra small light source or detector. Near field optical microscopes based on this principle have been operated with super resolution. Although this tool is routinely used in laboratories and although many types of technologically important experiments have been carried out it is generally recognised that additional technological advances and conceptual improvements are needed. It is desirable to train researchers at universities (who will be the future development leaders in companies) and in industrial laboratories to be able to exploit to the fullest the capabilities of those microscopes and to be able to assess the information contained in the images.

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Nanometer scale science and technology
27 June - 7 July 2000
Directors: M. Allegrini, Pisa (Italy), N. Garcia, Madrid (Spain) and O. Marti, Ulm (Germany)


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Updated list of open positions


Updated list of open positions


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