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Mid-term Review Meeting


TMR Network


Mid-Term Review Meeting

Ecole Centrale de Paris, France 13th March 2000.



University of Ulm (UUlm)

Prof. Dr. Othmar Marti (coordinator)

Dr. Stephanie Emonin (young researcher)

Dr. Nicolas Richard (young researcher)

A person from the financial department of the University (for financial affairs)


University of Basel (UBasel)

Dr. Dieter Pohl (group leader)

Alexandre Bouhelier (young researcher)

Julien Toquant (young researcher)



Prof. Maria Allegrini (group leader)

Vlassis Likdimos (young researcher)

Xavier Orlik (young researcher)


University of Graz (UGraz)

Prof. Franz Aussenegg (group leader)

Dr. Joachim Krenn

Dr. Nordin Felidj (young researcher)

Marco Salerno (young researcher)


Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Dr. Igor Shvets (group leader)

Wiliam Signac (young researcher)

Anselm Gademann (young researcher)


Ecole Centrale de Paris (CRSA)

Prof. Jean-Jacques Greffet (group leader and local organizer)

Rémi Carminati

Juan Antonio Porto (young researcher)

Julian Walford (young researcher)



Prof. Nieto-Vesperinas (group leader)

Patrik Chaumet (young researcher)



Representative for Prof. Nicolas Garcia: Dr. M. Sharonov (Research Scientist)

Maria Kafesaki (young researcher)


The agenda


Beginning of the session: 9:00 on Monday, March 13th


Chair of the session: Prof. Jean-Jacques Greffet

9:00-9:20 Welcome/Introduction by Commission Representative

9:20-10:20 Co-ordinators report

10:20-10:40 Break

10:40-12:00 Tour de Table:

Prof. Othmar Marti (University Ulm)

Dr. Dieter Pohl (University Basel)

Prof. Maria Allegrini (INFM Pisa)

Prof. Franz Aussenegg (University Graz)

Dr. Igor Shvets (Trinity College Dublin)

Prof. Jean-Jacques Greffet (Ecole Centrale de Paris)

Prof. Manuel Nieto-Vesperinas (CSIC-ICMM)

Representative for Prof. Nicolas Garcia: Dr. M. Sharonov (CSIC-LFSP)

12:00-13:30 Lunch break

Chair: Prof. Othmar Marti

13:30-15:00 Young Researchers' Reports, Part I

Dr. Stephanie Emonin (University Ulm)

Dr. Nicolas Richard (University Ulm)

Alexandre Bouhelier (University Basel)

Julien Toquant (University Basel)

Vlassis Likdimos (INFM Pisa)

Xavier Orlik (INFM Pisa)

Dr. Nordin Felidj (University Graz)

15:00-15:20 Break

15:20-17:00 Young Researchers' Reports, Part II

Marco Salerno (University Graz)

Wiliam Signac (Trinity Colege Dublin)

Anselm Gademann (Trinity Colege Dublin)

Juan Antonio Porto (Ecole Centrale de Paris)

Julian Walford (Ecole Centrale de Paris)

Patrik Chaumet (CSIC-ICMM Madrid)

Maria Kafesaki (CSIC-LFSP Madrid)

17:00-17:30 Open Discussion

17:30 End of meeting


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