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Optische Nahfeldmethoden zur Erkennung einzelner Moleküle

SNOM-theory in Ulm

The research-area SNOM-theory contains numerical simulations on SNOM-related problems. E. g., we investigate the transmission of fiber tips and microfabricated tips in dependence of their geometry.

The numerical methods we use for our investigations are finite-element methods and scattering methods.

As an alternative method we investigate scaled models of SNOM-tips with microwaves.

For the finite-element calculations we use MAFIA , a commercial software package developed at the TH Darmstadt and now sold by CST In Ulm we use the versions 3.20 und 4.0 of this software.

The scattering-theoretical calculations are based on the Lippmann-Schwinger equation for calculating the fields. A fast numerical algorithm for this equation was developed by O. Martin and A. Dereux. For the calculations we use software developed by A. Dereux.

Here are a few pictures of the calculations we have done on two-dimensional SNOM-tips.

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